Shit people say to… Irish people

I’ve become a fan of these youtube sensations lately. My favourites thus far are ‘shit people say to feminists’ and ‘shit people say to twins’ – highly amusing ‘funny ’cause it’s true’ ways to pass three minutes.

So, that got me thinking, how might a ‘shit people say to Irish people’ go? Some of these are renowned sayings Americans are known for, others are things I’ve heard since moving to England, can you think of other ones?

-oh you’re Irish, me too, my great grandfather was called Pad-rick Donoghue from Ball-eeena

-so is Ireland part of the United Kingdom

-oh my god, you’re English is practically perfect

-top of the mornin to ya

-are you from Dublin?

-you guys are such alcoholics


-so how long ago did leprechauns become extinct?

-do you like, totally hate english people?

-is that in Dublin?

-say something Irish

-U2 totally rock!!!

-Galway? Is  that Northern or Southern Ireand?

-Sing an Irish song

-do you, like, eat anything other than potatoes?

Comment if you think I should make the video!

  1. Elyse says:

    Absolutely! I am Irish-American. Does it count as Irish-on-Irish abuse if I say something stupid (or will you give me a starring role?)

    • Katie says:

      Hahaha it depends, are you Irish-American as in you or one of your parents are Irish? Or are you an my grandmother’s-sister-in-laws-cousins-uncles-babysitters-dog was Irish kind of Irish American 🙂

      • Elyse says:

        I am the kind of Irish American whose ancestors must have been serial murderers because they would never speak of the old country. I’m 3/4ths — Mom was 100% and Dad was 1/2 German (which leads to a bad combination of drinking and world conquest). We all are hilariously funny though. Just like me (and you).

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