Please, stop calling it an ‘Irish’ bar unless:

I get why cities all over the world try to claim they have brilliant Irish pubs. Drinking and having the craic are Irish national pastimes, even in these recessionary times. Irish pubs are synonymous with good music, a friendly atmosphere, excessive liquor and fine company.

I’ve been in Irish pubs all over the world, from Boston and New York to Vietnam and Spain. A friend of mine has a good story about coming across an Irish pub in Uganda. Seriously. Thus, I understand, my friends, why you have been trying to stake your claim.

But you’ve got to stop. You just do. It’s false advertising and misrepresentation of the most scandalous kind. Pictures of some dead Irish poets and shamrocks on your cocktail menu do not an Irish pub make.

So, I am asking nicely that you stop this nonsense unless you meet some or all of the following criteria.

  • Some (preferably all) of your staff are Irish
  • None of them ever needs to ask what the difference between Northern and “Southern” Ireland is
  • You serve Guinness and Jameson. The Guinness comes in pints not cans or bottles
  • Your staff don’t offer me the dessert menu if I ask about white pudding
  • You have traditional Irish music and/or rebel songs playing most of the time
  • You serve at least 3 more rounds after last orders
  • You serve full Irish breakfasts/stew/bacon and cabbage
  • You show all the major GAA matches
  • you weren’t confused when I mentioned having the craic above because you understand this uniquely Irish concept and are aware that it has nothing to do with cocaine
  • last but not least, a large proportion of your clientele are in fact Irish
  • A true Irish pub is a beautiful thing. When my flight to Hanoi in Vietnam got in a couple of hours before my friends I found an Irish bar, made some new friends and had a job offer in the city within an hour.

    So don’t tell me your pub is “Irish” because you called it Molloy’s and stuck up a tricolour! Youre just a wannabe.

    What are your favourite Irish pubs and why?

    1. Nayab says:

      The Irish Village, Garhoud Dubai. It’s a pretty nice place 🙂

    2. Katie says:

      That’s true Nayab, I like it there. Good staff, good events pretty well organised for stuff like the Dubai 7s.

    3. vevadoll says:
      Yes, it’s in Arizona, in the U.S.
      Yes, I may only like it due to the Guinness and currant they serve me unquestioningly.
      Yes, I have never been to Ireland.

      • Katie says:

        Hahaha, if I ever find myself in Arizona I’ll be sure to check it out! And if you should come to Ireland I’ll recommend some great places for you 🙂

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