Not Your Average Friday Night

Burlesque. Asian girls that are boys. Music. A midget. Champagne. Cabaret. Thai food. Acrobatics.

In all fairness, what more could you ask for a Friday evening’s entertainment? The Lady Boys of Bangkok is an evening of fun and frolicks featuring, you guessed it, Thai lady boys.

I’m not going to lie, we weren’t quite sure what to expect going in. At 24 squid a ticket we had high hopes, though the male contingent looked nervously around the largely female queue ‘there doesn’t seem to be a lot of men here’. Would we see any lumps, bumps or bulges? Would we think they were attractive? Would it be entertaining? Would it be very sexual?

The show did not disappoint. Displaying varying degrees of femininity, the Lady Boys took to the stage with classic performances of YMCA, Tina Turner and references to pop culture favourites Corrie, The Sound of Music and Sister Act. Combining this with the theatre that is Lady Gaga and a very literal rendition of Rihanna’s S and M made for a thoroughly lively performance.

Elements of comedy broke up the performance nicely, with the exception of some well handled if unexpected technical issues towards the end of the first half! The inevitable but ever-amusing moments of audience participation had every man in the place shrinking back in their chairs, lest they be brought upon stage, half-stripped and given a lap dance by a Lady Boy [scared they’d enjoy it too much, I expect!]

The most impressive act of the night for me was by one of the male performers. He arrives on stage, which has a newly acquired pole. Oh, a male pole dancer, you think, wonder what this will be like. Instead, he puts on this athletic, acrobatic feat that I can’t even put into words. I’m sorry – you had to be there for this part. But picture this, he did completely horizontal chin ups on the vertical pole. That’s upper body strength!

If you were wondering about my questions above – no, we didn’t spot any lumps, bumps or bulges. Some of the performers had masculine looking jaw bones, eye brows and thighs in my opinion but despite some very risque moves we didn’t see any you-know-whats! Some of the performers I would swear down were women, and very attractive ones at that. The performance was suggestive and fun but not overly sexual!

And yes, we were very, very entertained!

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