Making memories – my British bucket list!

It’s easy to fall in to habits. Some good. Some bad. Some simply apathetic.

You get home in the evening after a long day at work and all you want to do is grab a bit of dinner and watch Corrie… the weekend rolls round and all you want to do is have a few drinks and chill. We’re all guilty of it!

When I lived in the United Arab Emirates I somehow managed to go almost three years without going up Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – despite passing it on numerous occasions. I was always too busy or had something else on or couldn’t afford it. I regret that. It’s like those memes that get passed around say – you regret what you don’t do more than what you do.

So here I am in England. Only across the water from home really yet with so much to explore! But unless I start making real plans and following through on them, the same thing is likely to happen again. How to go about this? A Bucket List for my time here in England. Summer is coming, the Euros and the Olympics are on, it’s an exciting time to be here!

So – you guys tell me – what is the best way to spend my time? Here are some of the things I’m thinking about but I’ll need your suggestions!

Matthew Street, Liverpool: I was well in to college by the time I realised how

Imagemuch I loved the Beatles. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in; happy, sad, lonely, just wanna dance, in love, out of love – there is a Beatles song that will encapsulate it. The idea of visiting the Cavern Club where they played in the early days genuinely excites me, walking the streets where those four boys walked – definitely Number One on this ol’ list of mine!

London: I tried to make this one more specific but I can’t. I want to see a show in the West End, stroll Imagethrough Covent Garden and explore Piccadilly Circus. I want to shop London-style. I want to get a picture inside an old-school red telephone box. I want to go to an underground club where acts play before htey get discovered and forget their humble beginnings. I want to picnic in Hyde Park and go to Hamley’s Toy shop. Heck I want to go full-tourist on this one, camera round the neck on an open bus tour, saluting the changing of the guards! Hmmm, I think London’s going to require more than one trip!

Cornwall: We Irish are only getting used to holidaying-at-home again since the recession, but
Imagethe Brits have always been fans of it and from what colleagues have told me, there’s good reason why. Cornwall comes most highly recommended, with apparent fun-for-all-the-family as well as a decent nightlife for us young’uns. And LOOK, it’s so pretty! Could that not be somewhere in the Mediterranean? Just a couple of hours away, I’m dying to get down here for a weekend over summer for a change of scenery and some fun and frolicks!
I guess that’s it for now!
As I said, England’s an exciting place to be at the moment. Exploring it has to be top priority. Where else do you fine people think I should go and what else should I do?
  1. Elyse says:

    Ooh, Katie, add Scotland to that list. Edinburgh is a magical city, and the highlands are lovely.

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