Kicking January’s Ass!

I am handing January’s ass to it! No blues to be found around here. Last January seemed to go on foreeeeever. I can’t even remember if I made a resolution. This year I made TWELVE, madwoman that I am! Numero uno was to lose weight, cliche that it is and the detox begins today. Together with my lovely housemate I am going on a health kick

-No alcohol for two weeks (stop laughing at the back)
-Organic green tea
-Porridge with fresh fruit for brekkie
-Actual home-cooked meals with actual vegetables
-Lovely housemate wants to do something called yogalatese which is apparently a cross between yoga and pilatese. I’m skeptical and kind of think she made it up. But I guess this health kick should involve some kind of exercise.

  1. Yetti says:

    Lol @ you handing January it’s ass. Good for you! I know a few folks that have given up on their new year goals, so it’s refreshing to see someone striving to maintain their goal! I actually just got back from the UK and stuffed my suitcase with porridge [ since they don’t sell it here ] so I can do the same!

    Good luck !!!

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