“It’s all his fault” “No it’s not!” “They started it”

It’s not easy figuring out who exactly is responsible the the recession. The fact is it’s because the position is relative. I strongly feel that only someone with my thorough knowledge of Microsoft Paint could illustrate this clearly.

So, where do you fall and who do you blame?

It's simple, really.

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Comment (2)

  • PCC Advantage| December 5, 2011

    I really feel as though your graph really illustrates who exactly I should blame for the recession. It says it quite clearly, and I can’t imagine why there would be any confusion on the matter…

    Great post!! 😉

    • OracularSpectacular| December 5, 2011

      Thanks – it’s a response to something I put on facebook earlier suggesting that if we all stop blaming each other for a bit and focus on solving our problems instead it might be of more use to us!

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