What are you going to be when you grow up?

If you could go back in time with the benefit of hindsight, what advice would you give yourself? I’ve been thinking about that this week, and I reckon this is how my advice would go, leaping five years at a time.

Advice to my 3-year-old self:

  • Stop picking your nose. It’s gross.

Advice to my 8-year-old self:

  • Even if you do know the answer, you don’t have to put your hand up for every question Miss Shaughnessy asks. It’s so not the way to get in with the cool kids. Take up smoking instead or something. *joke*

Advice to my 13-year-old self:

  • You are so much smarter and better looking than every single one of those bullies. Seriously. And that’s not ’cause you’re super pretty or intelligent, it’s more to do with the face that they are exceedingly ugly and stupid. *consults old yearbook to confirm this* They have got absolutely nothing on you. Don’t take any shit from them.

Advice to my 18-year-old self:

  • Do a proper degree! I know, I know – you’re having the time of your life in UL with your twelve hours a week and hardly any exams. It is awfully fun to sit in Java’s all day drinking tea, setting the world to rights and yes, smoking joints is a delightful way to pass an otherwise dull afternoon BUT here’s a headsup: there’s a massive recession on the horizon. No, really, I mean it, masssssssive. You’re going to be wanting money to buy yourself nice things [like food, alcohol and an iphone] and go nice places. New Media and English simply is not the way to go for that.

    Ice skating. The things we did instead of going to college.

  • Think about your friendships and what they are based on. Is it mostly just the toke of the aforementioned joint you share? Or are they enduring friendships that will last when you move half way around the world after graduating from your useless BA? Friends are the family you choose yourself, as the cliché goes. Choose good people who respect your intelligence, make you laugh and will bring you to Accident and Emergency when you have a bad fall on a night out some time in 2010.

Following on from this little thought experiment, I’ve been wondering what advice 28 or 33 year old Katie might give me if she was sitting on the end of the bed here. I think she’d tell me to stop worrying about my weight ’cause I’m healthy and I look fine. I’m not sure if she’d tell me to save the money I have at the moment for a rainy day or go blow it since I’m young and devoid of any real responsibility. Must consult the magic8 ball on that one.

Naturally if the 2016 model of Katie was sitting on the end of the bed giving me advice, I wouldn’t listen to her anyway. Advice is something we’re all much better at giving than receiving.  Nonetheless it’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come. So –  what do you all think? What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time. Looking forward to some good comments for this one!

  1. Brendan says:

    Teenage Brendan probably would have needed to hear that his friends are gimps and are totally different to him… majority of them. He would also need to have been told what is cool and what is not. Also, a kick up the ass for the pathetic relationship i had for 3 years during those years wouldnt go astray. I think the biggest advise that would have been useful to me and still is, is that were all equal and all have similar worries and nobody is perfect. Look up to people who are true to themselves, for their honesty. and leave the wannabes do their thing. I am shit hot as Im sure all of you reading are well aware of. But even in my awesome life I feel I sometimes forget this. Ide have given the teachers less of a hard time now that I ma one and can feel the pain on the other side. I would have told myself not to light that bale on fire when with the lads and not to throw another bale on it to quench it. This way the field would not have gone on fire and my friends parents may have let them hang around me. In reality, if you gave me advice at 16 I would havr told you where to go, Its all about fucking up and learning from your mistakes. Peace out!!

  2. I would tell my sixteen year old self that I am without a doubt as pretty,smart and good company as most other girls in my year.I would tell myself that it was ok that I was quiet and cautious,it didnt make me a loser or boring and how glad am I now that I never bowed to to things just cause other people where (people that mean nothing to me today).I have always tried to be a nice person, who would never say or do anything that I thought would hurt someone if I could help it, and I would like to tell my sixteen year old self that it is not my fault if people take advantage of that..some people are just D***S and it’s best to forget them.
    I would tell my sixteen year old self that the close friends I made are the best in the world who will still be the major influences in my life all these years later.these are friends who I trust and love and who like me and accept me for who I am and am not.I am no one but me around them and that is all I’ve ever wanted. You shouldn’t have to change who you are to try fit in with so called ‘friends’
    I would tell my ninteen year old self not to worry about lads and to stop picking arseholes!! I deserved better!.I never thought I would ever be pretty, smart or interesting enough to keep a lad intersted long enough..now I know better.Almost three years later Peter and I are as happy as ever and are living together.
    I have come to realize that sometimes the things you think you really want to happen can sometimes be the worst things that could and that in general things to happen for a reason and do work out. DONT WORRY!!!

  3. Adrienne says:

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