How to get away with murder.

It’s actually super easy.

And not just murder either. Infidelity, violence,  substance abuse, being a bigot… Almost anything, really.

The secret is to be really, really famous – good at whatever you do. And being attractive helps. [When doesn’t it?]

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, again and again, until there was no way that it couldn’t come out, his excuse being that he didn’t think normal rules applied to him. And he’s right. It’s totes cool to cheat on your beloved once your personal worth exceeds $100m. Really?

Amy tragically became the latest member of the 27 club last year

Would you let your kids hang around with a known druggie and alcoholic? Your brothers and sisters? Your mates. Chances are you wouldn’t be like that very much. But if one is a talented musician, it somehow becomes acceptable.

If Amy comes up in a conversation these days, it will most likely be about how amazing her music was and what a tragedy it is that she was taken too soon. No one says “It’s sad that she died but she was instrumental in her own death and the lifestyle she led was a terrible example to her many young fans”

When you’re talented, it’s okay to do anything, even drink yourself to death or overdose, and no one will call you out on it even after you’re gone.

And it’s okay to hit women too.

Chris Brown on the red carpet earlier this year

Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna after an argument. In case you have forgotten, this is what she looked like after:

RiRi - before and after

Yet somehow, Chris Brown is playing the Grammy’s. After all, it was a couple of years ago now, and it was just one mistake, heck – she was probably asking for it anyway. Besides, he’s soooo talented.

These examples are repeated again and again throughout the celebrity world. You can rip lives apart, set terrible examples for your young fans, make the same mistakes again and again and we will forgive you.

We <3 celebs.

So if you want to get away with murder start perfecting your golf swing or your harmonies, because all you need is a lot of talent and a little bit of luck.

Or, we could start holding the rich and famous to the same moral standards we hold each other to.

Just sayin’.

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