GoQuest: Dublin’s newest adventure arena

This is going to be a tough post to write – how do I get across to you how much fun this place was without giving away a bunch of spoilers?

GoQuest, a new challenge arena located in a warehouse in Finglas, is essentially a cross between ITV show The Cube presented by Philip Schofield, and the Crystal Maze, the most exciting gameshow of the 1990s.* Split into teams of between three and five people, you set out to explore 27 rooms across four themed zones, each of which contains a unique challenge. With under an hour and a half to complete the challenges, time is tight and the pressure is on.

The challenges are divided into three categories: physical, mental and skill, each of which has a difficulty rating of between 1 and 3. Thinking back, my team and I rushed from one room to the next without paying much attention to the difficulty ratings, but if we wanted to be more competitive, we could have been more strategic and focused only on the rooms worth three points. Be warned though – these challenges are not a doddle!

The rooms are a test of logic, speed, team work, observation, general knowledge, agility, aim, perseverance and much more. Settings include an old fashioned living room, an alien HQ, a boxing ring, and Tarzan and Jane’s jungle, to mention but a few. It’s a real bonding exercise with your teammates – encouraging each other the whole way through, commiserating after an unlucky loss, high fives all the way when the light goes green! There was a huge amount of laughter the whole way through, and a massive sense of achievement with each challenge completed.

It would be great for a work night out/team bonding exercise, and I’ve already suggested it at my workplace (I can impress my colleagues and managers with my logic, not letting them know I’ve been through once before.) Hats off to the staff who are friendly and helpful, occasionally offering helpful hints if you’re stuck, letting you know when you’re in the lead and giving gentle reminders of the remaining time. They were very professional and good humoured.

Huge thanks to GoQuest for inviting a bunch of bloggers to try the place out. I felt properly old around a bunch of people in their late teens/early 20s, but it was a great way to spend an evening nonetheless. Regular entry costs about €16.50, with discounts for larger groups, which seems like good value to me.

For more information, check out their Facebook for more details.

PS Sorry I have no photos from inside the rooms – we were asked not to give the game away, which is fair enough – plus the clock was ticking and we didn’t have a moment to waste once we got in there!

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*May not actually have been the most exciting gameshow of the 1990s.


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