Fianna Fail topping polls – has Ireland got Stockholm syndrome?

I’ve been reading lately that Fianna Fail are topping polls. It makes me so angry. Angry and confused. Because much as I keep up with the news at home, I just don’t understand. Things are still terrible at home, I get that. People are suffering and looking for someone to blame. And Fine Gael/Labour have broken promises.


But looking at the facts, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to put Fianna Fail and whatever runt of a party they can drag with them back in government. Ireland has consistently been commended EU/IMF for meeting our bailout targets since the Fine Gael/Labour government came to power, the international media has nothing but praise for Enda Kenny and his ministers.


Do people think that any other combination of parties or independents in Ireland can do a better job? Do you really think any government can keep Ireland afloat without cuts?


Back when Tommy Tiernan was funny, he had this sketch where a young schoolboy was explaining sex to his friends. Too young to understand, his friends were horrified at the thought. The punch-line goes: “Some of the lads skipped back to Father Murphy, singing ‘better the divil you know, better the divil you know’”.


Fianna Fail is certainly the devil we know, but surely that’s a reason to run screaming in the opposite direction – not to skip back to them.


As well as effectively defecating on the economy, Fianna Fail spent the best part of two decades ignoring or shirking issues like abortion, the Magdalene laundries  and the undue influence of the Catholic Church – particularly where the abuse of vulnerable children was concerned. Enda Kenny’s government has bravely faced these issues, while Fianna Fail heckled them from the safety and comfort of the opposition benches. Have they offered alternative solutions? Of course not. Constructive debate instead of cheap point-scoring? That would be asking too much.


Reverting to Fianna Fail when times get tough is lazy.


“This shower is no good, let’s get the last shower back in – things were never as bad then.”


Remember – We’re paying for every year of the boom ten times over now. The closed A and E’s, the cuts in education, increases in taxes – these are the legacy Bertie Ahern and the Fianna Fail tent at the Galway Races left behind. Very shrewdly (and if I’ll give Fianna Fail anything – they are shrewd) – Fianna Fail have made their bed and left Fine Gael and Labour to lie on it. They do have a keen sense of timing.


Here’s what they don’t want you to know: Fianna Fail are absolutely delighted to be in Opposition at the moment. Delighted.


They don’t want to be the bad guys, raising taxes and making cuts. They’ll wait until Fine Gael and Labour are just about to get the economy back on track and that’s when they’ll mount their attack.


And because we tend to have memories shorter than that of a goldfish, we’ll most likely vote them in again. Like I said, it’s lazy.


Go out and speak to your local representatives, question them. Find out what the international media is saying about the government. Ask yourself who did more to get us into this mess, and who has been helping us claw our way out of it. Do a bit of research. Look at the big picture. Be an active citizen – you get the government you deserve, we vote these people into power.


Just don’t vote Fianna Fail back in because it’s too much effort to find out what the alternatives are.


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