Laws of Attraction

I had a choice of two dates to go on last night. I’m just that popular.

Guy number 1: Roughly my age, good looking, sweet, compliments me all the time, has always treated me well. He wanted to go for dinner, coffee or drinks – in other words, whatever I wanted to do.

Guy number 2: Too old for me really, not that handsome, we fight constantly, he is distinctly lacking in the compliments/general flirting department and we are thoroughly unsuitable for each other. He wanted to go out and get drunk. Yet he is somehow the one I’m more attracted to.

Guess which one I chose?

I’d be happy to put this down to my own general self-destructive leanings, but it’s not a pattern that’s unique to me. And so I ask you, readers, the age old question – why are women so very attracted to assholes? What is it about a nice guy that just can’t hold our interest? How do I get out of this ridiculous habit?

Comments – PLEASE!!

  1. artjen1971 says:

    You love the chase–it’s exciting to eek out a compliment from someone who appears to give a shit. I think we girls feel like we’ve worked for it so therefore it’s worthwhile. You have to get used to the relative boredom of a “nice guy” in order to build a life worthwhile. I did it, and although it took a while to accept the lack of passion (aka fighting and make-up sex), I’ve been married almost 20 years to an awesome man, father, and best friend.

    • OracularSpectacular says:

      I think you might be right there – there’s no challenge with guy 1, and he also very nearly came out with the L word after our first date which is naturally enough to make me run for the hills!

  2. Nobody wants to be with a doormat, and many women make the mistake that a nice guy is a doormat. He isn’t, but it’s just so easy to see it that way…and really, anyone is just a generic stereotype until you get to know them, know what they will and won’t bend on. In the end a nice guy isn’t a stupid guy, and if you give him shit eventually he’ll tell you–especially if you let him know that is actually respected. Which is how my hubby and I are together. He gives as good as he gets. Even if that means purposely eating refried beans before he goes to bed…

    • OracularSpectacular says:

      I think you’re right! Hopefully it’s something that comes with time. Although my horrific taste in men is well documented over the last number of years!

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