The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Morocco

Travellers looking for an exotic weekend away just a stone’s throw from Europe should look no further than Morocco. This North African country is located a mere 15km from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar, but with Arab, Berber and European influences, it feels like another world. French and Arabic are both widely spoken in […]

7 must-have souvenirs to pick up in Morocco

Morocco is a vibrantly colourful country. From the gorgeous gold-fringed abayas [long loose dresses worn by Muslim women] in pink, teal and blue on sale by the old mosque to the mosaics that adorn many of the buildings, the country never misses an opportunity to transform the blandest of items into something beautiful. Morocco is a ridiculously affordable country […]

A trip to Kenya and a big decision

Have you ever gone on a holiday that genuinely changed your perspective on life? Kenya did that for me. I visited in September over the Eid break, and I loved every minute of it. I landed in Nairobi, where I stayed with friends, and flew the next day to the Masai Mara. The landing strip […]

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