Vodka Always Helps

I have emigrated again. Just to England this time. Today we rather eventfully started trying to furnish our new place. That was an experience. You could say we brought it on ourselves (don't) since we spent most of our first 72 hours here in Irish bars giving out about Brits not being able to pour [...]

Famous last words.

I'm never going out on a school night again. Never. It's just not worth it. See here's me with a hangover:   And this, my friends, is roughly 25 awesomely cute and generally adorable but also incredibly noisy six year olds. I'm a professional, me. Every single time, my partner-in-crime and I have roughly the [...]

I’m giving up drinking.

*pause for laughter* Okay, I'm not really giving up drinking. I'm taking a break from it. Okay, I'm trying to take a break from it. For a little while. I may have a tequila sunrise in my hand by six o clock this evening for all I know - it would be like something I'd [...]