Trump, Farage and post-truth Public Relations

[convertkit form=4915559] Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art is a practical guide to creating integrated communications campaigns. It’s all about achieving optimum PR outcomes using the PESO model. Check it out. Today, a man who has never held public office became President of the United States of America. He has been declared bankrupt on a number […]

Fianna Fail topping polls – has Ireland got Stockholm syndrome?

I’ve been reading lately that Fianna Fail are topping polls. It makes me so angry. Angry and confused. Because much as I keep up with the news at home, I just don’t understand. Things are still terrible at home, I get that. People are suffering and looking for someone to blame. And Fine Gael/Labour have […]

Occupy Bristol quotes

Yesterday I visited the Occupy Bristol campsite to interview some protesters for work. Some of them had insightful, interesting things to say about the movement which will duly be recorded in tomorrow’s article for The Fresh Outlook. These are some of the other things that were said. Asked if the Occupy movement has an educational […]

#2 of the support Michael D for President posts

So yesterday I gave ya’ll some of the reasons why I think you should vote for Michael D in the upcoming Presidential election. I was going to do some more of that today, but it’s way more fun to make fun of the other candidates, so instead here are reasons to vote against the others. […]

A President is for life, not just for Christmas.

Okay, it’s only seven years, that’s not as catchy. The election is just around the corner. If you had to sum up what the President is in two words, he or she is Ireland’s image. Voting Michael D Higgins for President is the right thing to do and the logical thing to do. Here’s why: […]

Harrington for President

Ladies and Gentlemen, just a few moments of your time. I’m making a last ditch attempt to go for the Presidency. Let the Councils reconvene, let the Oireachtas members gather to hear my vision. Naturally, I’m going to have to enter the Eurovision. The role of President involves a lot of travelling and representing Ireland’s […]

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