How to create a Public Relations calendar for 2017

[convertkit form=4915559] The following is an extract from my upcoming book Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art. It’s a practical guide to creating integrated communications campaigns and achieving optimum PR outcomes. Pre-order it now. The ideal time to start creating an annual Public Relations plan is September of the previous year. In many organisations, it’s […]


6 mistakes that murder your PR pitch

[convertkit form=4915559] How to fail at pitching… The email pings into your inbox. You’ve been shortlisted. Over the last few months, you’ve been liaising with an in-house PR team about their needs, and they’re finally ready to go ahead with the tender. Responding to a PR agency tender can be time consuming, and pitching it can […]


Storytelling: The latest buzzword in Public Relations

What is storytelling anyway? Neil Gaiman could tell you a thing or two about storytelling. I’ve just finished reading his book Anansi Boys, a book that’s difficult to categorise neatly into a single genre, but falls somewhere in between fantasy, science-fiction and thriller. The book draws on both mythology and modern life. It has a main character and […]


Mature candidates versus millennials: How can I compete?

Diversity is the name of the game in office life these days, and while huge strides have been made in the inclusion of women, gay people and ethnic  minorities, one major diversity issue that remains largely unmentioned in the industry is age. Recently, I asked my readers what the biggest challenge in their career was, and I was shocked when a […]


Four lessons PR pros can learn from poker games

[convertkit form=4915559] What do poker and PR have in common? Back in my college days, I used to play Texas Hold’em, a fast-paced type of poker. There’s a lot to love about the game – for me, my favourite part was how it would bring people from all walks of life together. In a dingy […]


5 ways to dramatically improve your writing

No matter what the title on your business card is, you need to be able to write really well. Whether your niche lies in Public Relations or Marketing, Communications or Digital, your ability to write will make or break many of the opportunities that come along for you. It’s a core skill, and if you […]

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