measure Public Relations

How to measure Public Relations through analytics

How do you measure Public Relations campaigns? The pressure to measure Public Relations campaigns in hard numbers has never been higher. While the true value of a PR campaign will never be captured in a spreadsheet, today we can use analytics to make smarter decisions about Public Relations from defining your target audience to how […]


Crisis Communication: Effective strategies for defusing a crisis

What is crisis management? Crises are inevitable. From operational breakdowns to financial scandals, from servers getting hacked to rogue employees choosing to air their grievances in public, no business or organization can consider themselves immune. Crisis management plans are how companies mitigate against these threats. Investopedia defines crisis management as follows: Crisis management is the identification […]


How to create powerful key messages

What is a key message? Key messages answer the question: “What do we want the public to know about us?” in a nutshell. Key messages are short, memorable phrases that create an emotional narrative around the unique selling point(s) of your product, service or goals. Organisations that fail to define their key messages can be sure […]

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