How to create a B2B Digital Content Strategy

The concept of Content Marketing is still in its infancy, and in large part when we talk about it, we focus on consumer brands.  Today I want to talk a little bit about that the background to B2C Content Marketing, before moving on to talk about how it differs to the even more recently established idea […]

Owning it: Why your corporate blog trumps your social channels every time

As regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan of the PESO model, which advocates building a PR strategy around four pillars thatregularly overlap each other: Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. Today, I want to talk about the last category, owned media, arguably the most misunderstood, underrated and therefore neglected aspect of the PESO model. First, let’s […]

What is a customer persona, and why do you need one?

Building a customer persona Meet James, Sara, Marie and Thomas – the new personifications of the people who buy your products. Each represents a particular customer persona – a composite sketch of the type of person who might buy your stuff. Every time you initiate a new campaign, ask yourself how it might make Thomas […]

7 marketing tips from #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso

From grunge to #GIRLBOSS in seven years Sophia Amoruso is a #GIRLBOSS worth $280million dollars. She’s 32 years old, and a self-made multimillionaire. She’s a former hitchhiker and shoplifter. She paid for her Porsche in cash because even as she found success, her credit history was too poor for a loan. Sophia has been featured by […]


Build your blog: Tips from Backlinko CEO Brian Dean

5 simple steps to convert visitors into loyal subscribers Inbound marketing is where it’s at in terms of going beyond building a blog to making money online. In Dublin, staying ahead of the game is made that little bit easier by the guys over at Learn Inbound, who put on regular events with phenomenal guest […]

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