A President is for life, not just for Christmas.

Okay, it’s only seven years, that’s not as catchy.

The election is just around the corner. If you had to sum up what the President is in two words, he or she is Ireland’s image. Voting Michael D Higgins for President is the right thing to do and the logical thing to do. Here’s why:

  • Michael D Higgins is the real man of the people. Some have talked about Sean Gallaghers increasing popularity as being down to his common touch, being ‘working class’. Michael D’s intellect and sharp wit may lead some to believe he is lacking in this area, but in fact MDH has a strong record on social justice [areas such as disability, same-sex marriage, gender equality and contraception to name but a few]

    He travelled to towns all over the country when he began life as an academic, trying to help young people who came from poorer backgrounds like his get into university. He is unmatched by any of the other candidates in his quest for social equality. Sean Gallagher just has the right accent.

  • MDH is a respected and experienced politician. Many candidates, notably Dana and Sean Gallagher, seem to have a limited understanding of the role of the President. Dana claims she’s somehow going to protect our sovereignty while Gallagher is going to support job creation? This all sounds very nice but if that is what they want to do they would do better to run for seats in Dail Eireann where they might have the power to implement their grand ideas.

    Michael D understands at an intellectual and a practical level the role and limitations of the Presidency.

  • All the dirt that can be thrown at the seven candidates has been thrown at this point; McGuiness’s muder/freedom fighting history, Davis and Gallagher’s Fianna Fail connections, Norris and Scallon’s [that’s Dana. Yes, apparently she does have a last name.] unfortunate pasts. All of these have the potential to embarrass us over the next seven years. Yet what have you heard about Michael D? Nothing. Know why? Because there is no dirt. He is a man of principle with the dignity the office requires.
  • During a Dail debate a few years ago, a frustrated member of another party commented after one of MDH’s eloquent speeches “We can’t all be intellectuals like you, Deputy” to which he responded “No, but you can aspire to be.” That is a fine example of Michael D’s wit. Don’t let his age bother you – this man is on the ball.

That’s just four of many reasons why Michael D Higgins should be our future President.

Assuming I escape exile in the desert I’m still going to run at some point, but ’til then I don’t even have a vote. So I’m asking you all to give your number one to Galway’s own  Michael D.

Comments on this one are particularly welcome!

*Apologies for not mentioning Gay Mitchell in this post, that just seems to be the way the election is going.

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