A picture tells a thousand words.

It was Friday morning and I was feeling smug with a capital S. It was day seven of my thirty day challenge and things were going swimmingly. As my friends had gotten dressed up and gone out clubbing the previous night, I had curled up in bed at 10:30 with a good book (Dance, dance, dance by Haruki Murakami – highly recommended to anyone with an interest in postmodern fiction or just a damned good read).

I woke up early, wide awake and refreshed. No hangover.  No shakes. No drink sweats. No telltale watery mouth that says “you better get to the bathroom fast”. This was great. I got all my lesson plans for the week done and then went to the mall, where to add to my smugness, I had a salad and green tea for lunch. I could do this teetotal thing, not a bother.

It occurred to me at some point that fellow Ruwais survivors Laura and Denis were in town from Al Ain, with some of the Ruwais crew. What followed? Suffice to say the pictures speak for themselves.

Laura fought off a Filipino to get this! 11pm – Shifting the Beady Eye drumstick

12am – Feeling pretty ghetto, apparently.

2 am – Laura fought the Filipino pretty hard for the drumstick but thankfully didn’t hit me for swapping saliva with her boyfriend. She’s cool like that.

Needless to say, I am well and truly off the wagon. It was worth a try! As a good friend told me the other night “screw it, life is too short not to have champagne”.

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