5 steps to having the best day ever.

Know what makes you really happy?

Endorphins. Little chemical releases in your brain that make you feel good. I’ve been reading about them a little bit recently, and have come to the conclusion that if you take the following steps, you are going to have the best, most happiest day of your life.

My expertly drawn diagram will help me illustrate the points I’m about to make, literally.

1. The sun: If you’re reading from Ireland…. unlucky, you may have to wait a few seasons for this, but getting out in the sun is proven to be good for us. It supplies us with Vitamin D and triggers some of our happy-place endorphins. So get outside in it and wait for it….

2. Go for a hike: Because, exercise is the next factor that we’ve read all about that gets you going.

3. Nature: Being out in the wilds of nature is known to contribute to inner peace, so you can enjoy that as you hike along – bonus!

4. Chocolate ice cream: Ever wondered why chocolate is so addictive? It’s because its the food that is most like a drug, and you’ll be swimming in dopamine after a few spoonfuls of the ice cream. You’ve got your buzz going already with the the sun, the nature and the exercise, now it’s time to kick back and reward yourself!

5. Sex: When the chocolate ice cream is all done (or not, whatever you’re into), find somewhere discreet  (or not, whatever you’re into) and have crazy outside-in-the-middle-of-nowhere sex. This is the fastest way to release the most endorphins into your bloodstream, and you should be feeling super happy after.

So, here’s my winning formula:

sun + exercise + nature + chocolate + sex = happiness

Now I live in a Muslim country where they would probably do something barbaric to my lady bits if I had sex in public (Also, I’m persistently single. Everybody say awww.) so I’m going to need all of you to get out there and try this and report back to me whether or not it works.

It’s all in the name of science.


  1. Seamus Ryan says:

    Let’s see…

    Sun… living in Ireland
    Hike… I could go for a good walk I guess
    Nature… living in the middle of Limerick
    Chocolate ice-cream… alas, I have recently abandoned both chocolate and the creamy goodness of frozen milk
    Sex… while I wouldn’t say I’m persistently single (actually, people would probably say the opposite), being single, there isn’t any of that.

    I’m screwed, aren’t I?:)

  2. Good advice. I live in a forest and my dog and I have to chase tiny little patches of sun around all day long, but we both CRAVE them, almost as much as I crave chocolate and obviously nature or I wouldn’t be living in the middle of nowhere being daily bombarded with the largest acorns the world has ever seen from 90-foot high oak trees — sounds like guns going off on the roof all day and WATCH IT! when you’re outside or ELSE (hurts) and doggie and I go walking every day either over at the church house cemetery or the track in town and don’t miss a day because doggie will pout … but as for the sex part, that was THEN and this is NOW, when I think about sex less often than I think about jumping off the Eiffel Tower upside down on a bungie cord!!!!

    • OracularSpectacular says:

      Wow – 90 foot oak trees- you really are into your nature! Do you mind if I ask, are you Buddhist?

      • Having been a philosophical nomad my whole life and an actual one for part of my life, I have landed on a personal spiritual path initially based on my Christian upbringing, peppered with existentialism in youth, sweetened with Taoism while living in Taiwan and iced with Zen and Buddhism as solace in the wake of the great shock of returning to the U.S. after 10-years overseas to spend more than a decade as primary caregiver to my parents. All is now wrapped in the package of reclusive living in a remote Mississippi forest at the age of 60 in a monk-like existence of 99% pure gratitude, contentment and joy with my critters and my Small But Excellent Troupe of Very Intimate Friends.

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