30 things to do before you’re 30

So I turned 27 last month.  That means 30 is a mere 1067 days away (on the plus side, apparently my 30th falls on a Saturday). Here are some goals I’ve set that I hope to achieve by then for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  1. Learn to drive: Why didn’t I do this years ago? I’ve spent years living in cities where it wasn’t really necessary. But I’m from rural Ireland – any time I visit home I feel trapped! I revert to being a teenager, relying on my parents for lifts everywhere. This HAS to end.
  2. Buy a house: There are lots of advantages to being an expat, but I want something substantial to show for my years abroad. I want a home that’s my own.
  3. Write a book: I love writing. I’ve always wanted to write a book… I just don’t know what kind. I get all sorts of ideas for fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and short stories… It’s just a matter of nailing an idea down and writing it.
  4. Start a postgrad: I don’t feel like I’m finished with education. I’d like to do an online postgrad in something like International Relations or Crisis Management. Since most part-time Masters take three years, I’m not going to aim to complete this – just get it started.
  5. Take Mam and Dad on holiday: My parents have made me who I am today and I owe them everything. I was a pain in the ass in my teens and even early 20s – it’s time to start giving something back.
  6. Move home to Ireland: My target date for moving home has been pushed back repeatedly, and right now March 2017 is the target date.
  7. Achieve decent conversational Arabic: I don’t need to be fluent, and I don’t need to know how to write it – but I’d love to be able to have a proper chat with friends and colleagues in Arabic.
  8. Join a sports team: I’m not a sporty person at ALL, the only team I was on in school was the debate team. I want to join a sports team for the fitness and the camaraderie.
  9. Earn a body I love to see in the mirror: I’m not too down on myself in terms of how I look – I’ve got great hair and lips, skinny legs and nice boobs. I’m not awfully overweight, but I know I would be happier with how I looked if I was slimmer and more toned.
  10. Take up a completely new hobby: Ideally something that would involve meeting cool, interesting, creative people. Any ideas, folks?
  11. Go to Electric Picnic or Glastonbury: I want to don festival gear and trawl through fields to see amazing artists… Before I’m old enough to be confused for somebody’s mother.
  12. Have a post go viral: This has happened me once before on a previous blog and it was so cool!
  13. Read five non-fiction books about Irish history: I want to know more about my country’s past and present. I love reading, so this should be a relatively easy one! Any recommendations, folks?
  14. Learn to make at least one amazing starter, main course and dessert: Because my 30s will presumably consist of many classy dinner parties and I’ll want to keep up with the Jones’.
  15. Go vegetarian for a month: Or maybe longer, depending on how it goes. There are so many good reasons to go vegetarian but I just LOVE meat! This one will be hard.
  16. Learn to play chess: I never learned as a kid and I always feel dumb when people are playing and I don’t know how!
  17. Explore Ireland: Climb Croagh Patrick, see the Cliffs of Moher, walk the Ring of Kerry, go to the Giant’s Causeway and stay a night on the Aran Islands.
  18. Meet Russell Brand: Don’t judge me. I love him. If he would consider marrying another Katie I would happily oblige.
  19. Write a comedy skit or spoken word poem and perform it: I probably should have done this in school or college but I didn’t have the confidence.
  20. Spend a 3-4 weeks volunteering in a developing country: Everyone I know who has done something like this has come back with an amazing perspective on life. I’d like the opportunity to gain the same, and hopefully make a difference.
  21. Complete a sprint triathlon: After a small amount of training, I did a super sprint triathlon. I would love to train up and do the next level – this will involve learning to run!
  22. Adopt a dog: I follow lots of pet shelters on Facebook- I really want one but I travel a LOT. I need to come up with contingency plans for when I’m away before I get a doggy.
  23. Play Texas Hold’em in Vegas: I loved playing poker in college but I haven’t really played in years since I moved to the Middle East. What better place to make a comeback than Sin City?
  24. Organise a fundraiser for St James’ Hospital: This hospital was instrumental in bringing one of my close family members back to health when he was really ill. I’m going to set a target of €5,000 for it.
  25. Start a retirement fund: This is a boring one, but it seems like a good idea.
  26. Get professional photos done and frame the best one: Well, I’m not getting any younger, am I? Some lovely photos will be great when I’m older looking back.
  27. Learn to do yoga and/or meditate properly: I need to do this. For health, balance, peace of mind. I’ve made some half-hearted attempts to do this in the past, but I’d like to do this properly.
  28. Write a letter to a stranger and leave it in a book: Just because I’ve read some really lovely stories about things like this.
  29. Go to a TED event: So much wisdom in one place. I love TED talks and the opportunity to meet some of these people in real life would be amazing.
  30. Fall in love: I debated whether to put this down. Of course, you can’t plan when you fall in love. But if I don’t choose to make it a goal, I have no hope of manifesting it in my life. Here’s hoping.
  1. FlutePlayer says:

    How about exploring Giant’s Causeway this week together?

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