18 things I love about Galway

Three weeks in, I’m loving being at home in Galway. Here are some of my favourite things and happiest memories of the town of the Tribes. If you’re Galwegian, add to the list. If you’re not, here are some of the reasons you need to put Galway on your bucket list.

18 things I love about Galway

1. Walking around the Christmas Markets, riding the carousel, tasting Aran fudge, banter in the beer tent, looking out for the Santa Express.

2. A stroll down the cobbles of Shop Street on a sunny day, passing the statue of Oscar Wilde, nowhere to go really, just wandering.

3. Leafing through a novel in a hidden corner of Charlie Byrne’s book shop; never leaving without buying something.

4. Getting dressed up for the Races, but going on a Tuesday ’cause you’re local and you couldn’t bother dealing with the crowd of Dubs on Ladies Day.

5. Watching the mixture of students, performers, hippies and Galwegians interact at the Spanish Arch during the Arts Festival. Having your whole perspective on something changed over the course of an hour long play.

6. Drinks at the Quays or Masimo’s, because let’s face it, we’re too old for clubbing.

7. Rediscovering our youth on gambling machines in Salthill, going down the big water slide and taking silly photos in booths.

8. Walking from the Square out to the Omniplex to see a film; meeting some boys there and doing a bit of kissin’. #throwback

9. Putting on the maroon and white for a match at Pearse Stadium, fully confident that Galway can win – and occasionally you’re proven right.

10. Watching students throw a frisbee in Eyre Square, while someone off to the side squirrels a joint together.

11. The inevitable trip to Supermacs after a night out, and sure if you didn’t get the shift on the night out, it’s always possible you’ll lock eyes with someone over a taco chip.

12. Knowing that the Fields of Athenry was written about somewhere up North, but not caring because it’s our song now anyway; always adding in the not-quite-PC bits.

13. People talking to you out of genuine friendliness, not trying to sell you something, just making conversation.

14. Giving a decent busker a euro because he brightened up your day. Giving a terrible busker a euro because God love him, he’s giving it socks!

15. A drive out toward Connemara, held up only by sheep in front of you on the road.

16. Always going into Brown Thomas for a look even though you know you’re not going to buy anything; heading into Penneys to buy a pair of socks and coming out with a whole new wardrobe.

17. Breakfast at the GBC, because that’s where you went with Granny when you were little and you never got out of the habit.

18. Loving being able to say “Galway”, when you’re asked where you’re from anywhere else in the world because nobody has a bad word to say about the place.

What are your favourite things about Galway?

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  1. FlutePlayer says:

    That’s where I have been when I first communicated with you via blogging.

  2. Galway Annie says:

    Going into ‘town’ for a ramble, no matter what part of the county you’re from! Yes we know it’s a city, but it’s town to us!

  3. Sharon says:

    Walking the prom and kicking the wall and watching the non locals who don’t know the tradition, look at you strangely wondering what your doing.

  4. Maire says:

    Walking the prom.
    The walk into town from salthill, along gratten road, a quick visit to the Dominican church, across by the claddagh basic, visit to dr mchales seat, and then up town.
    All the water, sea, river & canals.

  5. mary ellen davey says:

    Getting in to Griffin’s for a cupan tae and a scone by the hearth ….and I’d bring along my recent purchase from Charlie Byrne’s.

  6. James Caulfield says:

    Came here for 2 weeks Jan 1972 , stayed for another week & another week & another week & another ………….. what I am trying to say is that this is the best place on the planet & because of Galway I want to live to one hundred + ,
    Thank you.

  7. DRE says:

    Getting shitfaced in knocktons

  8. Bernie Howley says:

    That my dad came from Galway. He was the best.

  9. Pat curran says:

    Visiting murphys or freeneys for a quiet pint and having a chat with friends

  10. Watching Connacht Rugby at the Sportsground.

  11. David says:

    I just love this blog and cant explain how much I adore Galway. In the summer the biggest problem is hang out in town or in salthill both equally great. The Claddagh, Long Walk , pausing to look up Quay Street, getting a seat outside naughtons .. Thank you Galway for allowing me to call you home

  12. Was in uni in Galway quite a few years ago now and that was one of the best times of my life. Love the place, even worked in the GBC for a summer! Great post.

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