#2 of the support Michael D for President posts

So yesterday I gave ya’ll some of the reasons why I think you should vote for Michael D in the upcoming Presidential election. I was going to do some more of that today, but it’s way more fun to make fun of the other candidates, so instead here are reasons to vote against the others.

What a handsome bunch they are.

Dana Rosemarie Scallon: Do I even need to write this paragraph? Oh, alright then,

  • Her campaign has involved All Kinds of Everything. I apologise for that – it had to be done – that’s the end of the bad puns for this post
  • She doesn’t understand the role of the Presidency or the content of the Constitution she’s so fond of waving around
  • She’s had so much of her families dirty laundry aired in public during this campaign and I would bet there is more to come. We don’t need that kind of publicity internationally.
  • She pretty much invented a murder plot to try and gain the sympathy vote, who does that? A crazy person, that’s who.

Martin McGuinness: I believe electing this man would be a huge mistake for the Irish Republic. What follows is my own opinion alone.

  • I don’t believe that he left the IRA in 1974, which would make him a liar
  • I believe that he has blood on his hands of innocent victims of the Troubles, which would make him a murderer
  • He calls people from Dublin who disagree with him West Brits and insists on having a Sinn Fein driver. I don’t think he is open-minded or inclusive enough to be our next President

David Norris: My biggest disappointment of this election. Norris and Michael D have a lot in common, but they differ in a number of important ways.

  • Norris has shown poor judgement on numerous occasions in the recent past and proven himself to be indecisive, unreliable and potentially embarrassing to us
  • He is simply too outspoken and spontaneous for a role that requires dignity and gravitas

Mary Davis: There are worse folks out there than Mary Davis, but here’s why she doesn’t deserve your number one.

  • She keeps playing down her links with Fianna Fail – I don’t even care about the face that she was so in with them, just stop being so darned misleading about it!
  • She’ll never recover, in my mind, from being the ‘Special K’ candidate

Just two bowls, two meals for two weeks!

Sean Gallager: The dark horse.

  • He is the Fianna Fail candidate. Again, that is not really what bothers me. He has been misleading in disassociating himself from a “toxic brand” and I don’t like that.
  • He contributed to the housing bubble and crash he now claims he can somehow get us out of
  • I think George Lee taught us well to be wary of ‘celebrity’ candidates
  • As mentioned yesterday, Gallagher is playing up to his working class roots big-time, but unlike MDH he has no record whatsoever for helping such communities

What a wily man, hoping to benefit as much from the recession as he did from the Celtic Tiger


Again, I apologise for not giving Mitchell the time of day. But if neither the mainstream media nor his own party are bothered about him, why on earth should you or I be?

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