12 Resolutions for 2012

Here are the lies I’m currently telling myself about 2012. They may seem just a tad optimistic, but I made them as specific as possible so that the outcomes are measurable. That way when I fail miserably, it will definitive. I also tried to make them varied, so that if I accomplish even a few of them it will improve various aspects of my life – personal, career, health…

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Here we go:

  • January: Lose 5lbs. I know, I know, what a cliché! But really, I am gonna need to shift some of that Christmas weight. So January’s resolution is to lose 5lbs through diet and exercise.
  • February: Take up a new hobby that gets me out of my comfort zone: photography, yoga, salsa dancing, knitting – whatever – as long as it’s completely new and a bit of fun
  • March: Develop a professional skill. Identify a weak area and rectify it e.g. shorthand, developing web content
  • April: Focus on family – since it is Mam and Dad’s birthday this month I chose it for focusing on family. This month I’ll make a special effort to communicate with my nearest and dearest.
  • May: Organise a charity event for Oxfam or the Make A Wish Foundation, a good one. Aim to raise a minimum of E1,000 through an original event.
  • June: Read different genres. Try graphic novels, biographies, history.
  • July: Blog challenge – 5,000 hits this month.
  • August: So many friends have scattered themselves around the world. This month make a special effort to get in touch with friends in Canada, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and the US.
  • September: Organise pictures. Print some of the million pictures you have up on facebook and put them in albums!
  • October: Write a short story of 5,000-10,000 words and submit it to competitions and/or for publication.
  • November: Network. Online and in person. Make contacts that will be useful later – you don’t know when the “dots will connect”.
  • December: Review. If I have achieved half of the above in 2012 it’s time to relax. If not, I can use December to play catch up!
I have set one goal for each month just coz it seemed more manageable that way, but of course I can network all year round, or take up a new hobby. This is just a way to break it down.
So – what are your resolutions for 2012? Do you think mine are mental?

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Comment (8)

  • notyouraveragezoe| December 22, 2011

    I love this idea 12 in 12 and one a month. Wish I’d been clever enough to think of that… Good luck! Zx

  • homespicelife| December 23, 2011

    I think your resolutions are fabulous and I like the way you set one month to truly focus on each! I’ll have to try that this year. I am huge on goal-setting, list making, and resolutions. Good luck in 2012!

  • OracularSpectacular| December 23, 2011

    Thanks both of you- all the best in 2012!

  • Nayab| December 25, 2011

    I really like your resolutions… they are very achievable, so I might steal a few of them! 😉
    All the best!


    • OracularSpectacular| December 25, 2011

      hey! thanks. the idea this year was to make them specific, realistic and measurable! i’m happy with them so far – but we’ll see how it goes 12 months from now.

  • katecrimmins| December 29, 2011

    A great list of goals. Good luck!

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